Hi, About five weeks ago, I suddenly started feeling dizzy. I’m Kate and I Rock… Literally. In 2018, I developed a neurological disorder Mal de Débarquement. By the end of the day or certain parts of the day I feel like I’m extremely tired. The feeling I get feels like I’m floating, on a lift, on a boat, tipsy, or kind of jet lagged. Went to the doctor and they thought it was an When this anxiety symptom occurs, it might frighten you. My ears were plugged most of the time and would at times emit some pain (in short bursts). I sometimes feel like I’m falling or that I’m moving when actually I’m still; Dizziness. But you just scared me by saying yours has lasted 8 years I hope you are ok .. It’s so hard to describe! this is causing minor "seasickness." It can also seem like you are standing or walking on a boat on water because the surface is moving and swaying even though it actually isn’t. (The vestibulo-ocular reflex is tamped down in people who spin much more than normal, like figure skaters, one of the many ways the brain contributes to athletic performance.) I was nearly better just had anxiety left. Hi I have the same boat feeling for 20 months and nothing helps. I feel like I’ve just stepped off a boat; I feel like I have waves going through my head; I feel foggy, like my head is full of cotton wool; I feel dizzy when I tilt my head back; I felt so dizzy I … My symptoms are balance issues, feeling like im on a boat, lightheadedness, and occasional dizzy spells, as well as ringing in the ears occasionally, vision problems, ( my eyes dont work very well as a team). Hello, Dizziness is lightheadedness, feeling like you might faint, being unsteady, loss of balance, or vertigo (a feeling that you or the room is spinning or moving).It happens when there is not enough blood getting to the brain. The condition can be triggered by any motion. it seems that every time one of my symptoms stops becoming a problem, another one … This feeling of swaying, rocking dizziness and occasional nausea is typically felt by people who have recently returned to land after five or more days at sea. I started making candles and launched Rocking Candles this year to help in some way. Had some balance problems, legs felt wobbly. It initially stated when I tapered off xanax a little over two years ago. Basically I never got my land legs back and I live in constant motion. I did not have any other flu-like symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes, etc.) It left me with the constant feeling of rocking and swaying, like I’m on a boat. But “balance disorders” include a broad range of problems, from minor lightheadedness to feeling like you’re standing on a boat (on one foot, during a hurricane). i'm getting real tired of this. Dai’s research suggests that, in people like Perry, the reflex adapted too well to the motion of the boat… for the past few days i've been having a strange vertigo type feeling where i feel like i'm on a rocking boat. My symptoms come and go, but now they're back again. I feel like my life has stopped . They said it will just go away one day. There are a number of remedies and strategies that can help ameliorate symptoms and get you back to feeling like … It can also seem like the surface you are on is moving and making you feel unsteady on your feet. All of this includes anxiety as well. Hi, I'm on here because I've had trouble the past two years feeling like I'm walking on a boat or trampoline. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea and the feeling of rocking from side-to-side.